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The 5-step program for releasing unwanted emotions, fears & patterns.

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE - Self Guided Technique For
Mental And Emotional Healing

Speed Track Your Growth And Save Time And Money

The Biko Method Essentials Course is the all-inclusive package for achieving a higher state of being permanently. Become your own personal therapist, guru, business coach and support system with this proven method to clear the only thing that causes traditional therapy and personal coaching to take so long - The subconscious Emotional Footprint Program!
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What can you do to alleviate the pain you feel from your own emotions?

Most people work against their subconscious. Never taking the time to understand what is going on behind the scenes. This isn't anybody's fault. The subconscious didn't come with a manual and most people are too busy making a living to devote their time in such a way.

We're all looking for the support we need, when we need it most.

The Biko Method Essentials Course has been designed from the ground up to be effective, personal, and most importantly; accessible from anywhere. We've designed the entire program to be leveraged when we need it most, and that can be at any time, anywhere. On Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, or even print out the contents to enjoy offline.

A highly personal, tailored experience to bring maximum comfort.

Work alongside Biko Institutes founding member, Konstantine Bisbikos as he walks you through the content, the discovery and the healing processes including inside this course.

The Essentials Course breaks through paradigms and bring you to a greater understanding of self

What if you understood why you feel the way that you do from a higher perspective? One that your subconscious uses to trigger certain emotions and feelings. Your emotional landscape is not an accident. It's intentional. Your subconscious knows exactly what it's doing at all times.

Most people work against their subconscious. Never taking the time to understand what is going on behind the scenes. This isn't anybody's fault. The subconscious didn't come with a manual and most people are too busy making a living to devote their time in such a way.

4 Hours of Video Content

Instructor led, high quality, educational videos accompany nearly every module to help you learn directly from the creator for you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Over 12 Tailored Exercises

We've assembled over 10 innovative exercises that you can use whenever you want to help you process Emotional Footprints, and dealing with Rogue Emotions.

Online or Offline Learning Friendly

One purchase gives you access to the full Biko Method Essentials Kit online to read and follow on desktop or mobile, as well as a downloadable Ebook for offline learning.

Who is this for

For those of us who feel that as though they are living an emotionally turbulent life.

This program is for those of us searching for a better understanding of how we process out emotions. To learn about our Emotional Footprint program and to understand, identity and mitigate Rogue Emotions.

Self-Help Processes for Reducing Pain
Relieving Stress
12+ Meditative Activities
Learning How To Remain Calm and Collected

Biko Method Essentials Course

The Biko Method Essentials Course is the complete package. Bringing together years of practical experience, in-depth research and development on leading mental health and emotional wellbeing self-help resources and methodologies.

If you are looking for all inclusive package to understand Emotional Footprints and healing from emotional instability, then this is for you.

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What's Inside

100+ Page Biko Method Manual
12+ Interactive Exercises
6 Informative Videos
Course Workbook & Outline
Hypnosis Track Guided Audio
Bonus Audio & Video Content
From The Author

We all need some guidance every once in a while.

I create the The Biko Method Essentials Course as an all inclusive guide to the Biko Method Tool that I spent years developing as a self-help tool and process in which anyone, from anywhere on earth could use, to alleviating the pain associated with our Emotional Footprint Programs.

Emotional Health and Well-Being

I've lived my entire life pursuing the truth behind our mental health and well-being, I've explored both the scientific and spiritual approaches to finding peace within myself. I've traveled the world searching for answers to the questions that I asked myself on a daily basis, why do I feel such pain, why to I react with such abnormality, why do I find myself falling into negative patterns?

Through my search I discovered the Emotional Footprint Program. An internal system that touches upon nearly every aspect of our lives and brings our attention to the raw, unprocessed emotions within ourselves driven by our false beliefs.

The Outcome I've Created

I took everything that I've learnt through my search to discover how our conscious and subconscious minds operate and use memory to push forward emotional reactions, and packaged it into the Biko Method Essentials Course. It is designed to give you everything that you need to work on your Emotional Footprint Programs, alleviate the pain that resides there, and navigate the Rogue Emotions our minds serve us on a regular basis.

The Biko Method Essentials Course dives straight into the research, the knowledge, the experiences and the tools that I've created in order to help the ones that I love. I trust and rely on the Biko Method with the people that I work with on a daily basis. It is always be there for them to alleviate their emotional pain, give them new perspectives, acknowledge their limiting beliefs and so much more!

Konstantine Bisbikos

Founder of the Biko Institute and creator of the Biko Method. Konstantine is a mental health practitioner focused on delivering guidance for healing the body, mind, and soul.

Meet The Author